We have been a major industrial battery supplier in Hong Kong and Macau for decades now.

Having gained trust and reputation in the industry, we have always been the supplier of choice for rechargeable batteries to leading corporations and organizations in the region.


With a focus on industrial battery, we keep ourselves at the forefront of technology in the field. We are professionally knowledgeable to give solid advice to our customers on choosing the best suitable battery products and solutions.

Coupled with comprehensive technical service for specific application, we commit to applying our experience and expertise to the needs of our customers.


Our proactive, customer driven team of staff are skilled and experienced to handle customer enquiries and issues in an efficient and effective manner, and be able to provide tailored solution to customer.

We are dedicated to offer products with high performance and reliability level, and also to deliver comprehensive before and after sales service.


We carry only products with quality and reputation that our customers can rest assured.

We take pride in representing internationally recognised brands, inlcuding EnerSys and HAZE brand, to exclusively distribute their industrial battery products in Hong Kong and Macau region.

Customers have praised our products for the superior performance in terms of stability and durability under proper maintenance.


To cater for different energy applications, we supply Sealed Lead Acid batteries ranging from 2 to 16 Volt Bloc, made with the latest Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Gelled Electrolyte (GEL) technology, on Flooded, Tubular Plate or Flat Plate.

In addition, we also offer Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), and Lithium Ion batteries to cover different needs for power usage.

Our wide range of products have been extensively applied in the community, from mass transportation system, schools and hospitals, to hotels and entertainment parks. Customers also repeatedly purchase our batteries for the critical use in banking and telecommunications facilities, and uninterupted power system (UPS).


We hold ourselves accountable to the environment. So we supply rechargeable battery to help reduce solid waste and lessen toxic burden to our planet.

Parts and components of used batteries could be recycled, thus reducing the release of hazards in landfills. We can help customers to make proper disposal and recycling arrangement of their waste batteries in a safe and lawful way.


  • We undertake business with integrity and fairness.
  • We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.
  • We value our people and business partners, and treat everyone with respect.
  • We satisfy our customers with advanced technology and superior quality, value and service.