Battery Proposal

We are one of the few battery suppliers with the professional experience and expertise in the field.

According to customers’ specific requirement, we can make constructive battery system proposal for the best suitable choice of technology, sizing, capacity and application, etc.

Contact us on any queries for battery solutions.

After-Sales Service

We are obliged to provide all-round after-sales support and consultation to our customers in the area from battery operation, maintenance, replacement to warranty service.

We value customer feedback and suggestion to help us improve our service.

Battery Care

Tips for battery care:

  • Choose the right battery for specific application
  • Keep battery in proper condition
  • Use the right charger
  • No overcharging or undercharging

Battery with proper maintenance can achieve optimum performance and service life. Battery not well operated can be dangerous. Always follow factory guide for detailed installation and operating procedures.

Contact us for more information regarding battery care.

Recycle & Disposal

Waste batteries shall follow waste disposal regulations for environmental protection, through recycling to conserve natural resources and reduce harmful impact to the environment.

We can assist customers in proper disposal of waste batteries and obtainment of necessary documentation as required.